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Save The Surf Project

Experience the thrill of seeing the ocean through your surfing.

Transparent surfboards from Japan

"Sea Through"

Debut scheduled for summer 2024.

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I love the beautiful sea

This is something every surfer feels strongly about.
Sea Through

The plastic materials used in our daily lives

We want to spread eco-friendly sports activities by reusing materials instead of disposing of them. This is the idea behind the creation of our completely new "transparent surfboard."

You can see the waves and the ocean with your very own eyes, as if the board doesn't even exist.

It's a surfing experience.

I want to protect our beautiful ocean.

I want you to feel the blessings of nature with your whole body.

Our rich lives do not end with consumption.

I want to reinvent it into new value.

By using this surfboard

I want you to imagine the beautiful ocean of the future and enjoy surfing.

I also want you to be aware that you are taking part in an ecological activity.

Highly environmentally conscious, wanting to pursue new experiences,
This is a board that we would definitely recommend to surfers like you.



A transparent body with outstanding impact.

You'll definitely be the center of attention on the beach.

Wave waiting time at any surf spot

Why not take a leisurely look into the ocean?

You may discover something you've never discovered before.


Moving Experience

You can see directly where the board meets the sea.

We promise you an exhilarating surfing experience like never before.

You become one with the ocean, the waves and yourself.

Why not discover new charm and possibilities in surfing?

Environmental Considerations

Reusing waste plastic materials contributes to sustainable environmental activities.

By riding this surfboard you are already helping to protect the environment.

・Observe surfing etiquette.

・Take your trash home with you.

In addition to it

・Enjoy environmental conservation with "Sea Through"

Would you like to join us in creating such a common future?

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Surfing Lessons

Contribution to surfing culture

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the boards will be donated to surf schools and other organizations.

We will contribute to the development of surfing culture.

What do you use "Sea Through" for?

We deliver both our passion and the environment to the next generation of surfers.

Spreading the charm of surfing

Learn to live in harmony with nature

We want to protect these beautiful surf spots for future generations.

You who can empathize with such thoughts

They are already nurturing the next generation.

Why not try Sea Through as a concrete action that surfers can take to protect our beautiful ocean?

Save The Surf Project Promotion The Movie


STS model MAI TAKAHSHI Instagram (@mai__takahashi)

Drone aerial photography pilot Hideshige Aoyagi Instagram (@ao06hide09)

Cameraman (Surf) Yoichi Fukunaga Instagram (@fukufukutv_surfing)

Photo shoot cooperation: Narimasa Uchida Instagram (@nalifornia7303)

Video editing assistance: Fourway Inc. Hideyasu Tanizaki (freelance)

Produced by Owl Craft Co., Ltd.


Produced by Tetsuji Okumura Instagram (@opeuonome)

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