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Save The Surf Project

What is
Sea-through? …

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Surfing with the thrill of seeing the ocean through

A transparent surfboard made from discarded plastic bottles from Japan!

"Sea-Through" debuts

STS Surfboard

Model: Sea-Through

Spec: 7'1" x 21.7" x 4.5"

Bottom: Nose concave (egg shape)

Fin: Tri-fin (center box, side FCS2) sold separately

Length: 216.5cm(7'1")

Width: 55.3cm(21.7")

Thickness: 11.5cm(4.5")

Weight: Approx. 6kg

Material: FRP resin, urethane foam, recycled A-PET

Attached: Air vent plastic bolt (air vent)

​Trademarks: Save The Surf, STS Surfboard


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