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Background to the creation

September 2020, Toyoma Beach, Fukushima Prefecture

At Toyoma Beach, where the sea sparkles blue and the gentle waves crash endlessly, I was surrendering myself to the joy of surfing. On that perfect day, under a blue sky like a summer painting, I wanted to feel the mystery of the sea closer. Captivated by the coolness of the seawater and its bottomless transparency, I took a dive and the view of the seabed that was like a paradise on earth caught my eye. It was a place filled with beauty that made me lose track of time.

However, we are creatures who are always seeking something and trying to improve something. Although I am deeply drawn to the beauty of the ocean, I realized that there was something that separated us from that beauty. I imagined that if my surfboard was transparent, I would be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

That inspiration became the first step towards innovation. Back on land, I wrote down the idea on my phone and wrote a plan with the passion I brought back from the trip. Then a question came to my mind: "If we make a transparent surfboard, why can't it play a part in protecting our beautiful ocean?" Yes, a transparent surfboard made from discarded plastic bottles, allowing us to have fun while protecting the ocean. It is not just a sports equipment, but a symbol of deep consideration and action towards the environment.

Now I want to spread this unique surfboard to the world, ride the waves with fellow ocean lovers, and share the mission of protecting the ocean. It's not just a sport, it's a step towards the future, an action to protect our planet.


Giving shape to the feelings everyone had

You resonate with our vision and believe in the potential of transparent surfboards to protect the beauty of the ocean. We have put your passion into shape. Here we publish the results of a survey that collects the thoughts of many of our colleagues about the ocean and surfing, as well as encouraging voices in support of this project. Your vote will be a big wave that will create a sustainable future for the ocean. Come and feel that wave with us!


More than just marine sports

Surfing is an activity that involves a lot of time in contact with the ocean.

That's why you want to ride the best waves on a beautiful beach in a beautiful ocean!

STS Survey 3.png
STS Survey 4.png


See, touch, feel and connect

Environmental issues are not someone else's problem.

Unlike parks and theme parks, which are always kept clean,

Nature always shows us what it is.

Through surfing

I wish there were environmental measures and conservation activities that I could take part in.

Have you ever had such thoughts?


Small steps are big steps

The accumulation of your small, steady efforts

It will create a big and beautiful future.

Daily eco-activities and surfing as a hobby

What can you do by combining these two?

STS Survey 5.png

Activities and News

PRTIMES Lafty Co., Ltd. January 17, 2023

About 80% of veteran surfers feel that surfing has made them more aware of environmental issues, and 73.1% say that surfing is effective for "educating children."

PRTIMES Laughtey Co., Ltd. January 24, 2023

79.2% of veteran surfers have a desire to contribute to society. About 80% said that their motivation was surfing, with reasons including "because I often see trash in the ocean."

PRTIMES Laughtey Co., Ltd. March 1, 2023

[Surfer survey: "We want to preserve our precious oceans for future generations!"] When choosing a board, the most important thing is "design," but about 80% also want to choose boards made from "environmentally friendly materials"

PRTIMES Lafty Co., Ltd. August 28, 2023

Can surfing save the environment? Transparent surfboard made from PET bottles attracts worldwide attention!

Ministry of the Environment, Water and Air Environment Bureau, Marine Environment Division, Marine Plastic Pollution Countermeasures Office March 11, 2024

Save The Surf Project Sea-Through! A completely new "transparent surfboard"

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