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Laughtey Co., Ltd.
Established on May 29, 2014

Capital: 10 million yen

Representative Director: Tetsuji Okumura

STS Surfrider Yoichi Fukunaga


Company number: 6-040001086062

Registration number (invoice system): T6-040001086062

TDB company code: 337012595

Business details

1. Consulting on IT services

2. Support services related to system development and implementation

3. Provision of system engineer services

4. Provision of system programmer services

5. Planning and management of apparel stores

6. Planning and management of restaurants

7. Recruitment services

8. Labor Dispatch Business

9. Paid employment placement business

10. Purchase and sale of second-hand and used goods

11. Planning, design, implementation, operation and management of projects related to environmental protection and social contribution activities. 12. Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, import and export of marine sports equipment and related products.

13. Planning, drafting, production and implementation of advertisements, publicity and events

14. All business related to the above

Trademark Registration

Sponsorship, cooperation and support

Coming soon


1-3-14 Hiroo, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture

contact address

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