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[Persona image]

A man in his 40s. His hobby is surfing. He has a long career and doesn't have any desire to improve his skills, but he enjoys connecting with his friends both online and offline. He cares about the number of "Likes" he gets on Instagram. He has a stable income from work and has a lot of free time. Even after getting married, he continues his hobby of surfing, but due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the strong image of it being a sport for fun, he has refrained from surfing, but he still wants to go to the beach regularly. For some reason, he feels guilty about the activity and is looking for a reason for "him" to go surfing, both in society and in his family. He is not particularly interested in the global environment, but he wants to be respected by others.

[How to enjoy]

Waves: Chest-high small waves

It has strong buoyancy, so you can catch waves just like with a longboard.

Dolphin: In big waves, the buoyancy is strong and it is difficult to dolphin.

Location: We recommend reef points where you can see coral or crystal clear waters!

Nose ride: The nose is concave, so when you nose ride

Since your feet are visible, you'll be impressed by the sense of speed.

Anti-slip: Transparent anti-slip stickers are recommended.

If you use wax, it will be difficult to peel off the wax every time.

This can lead to accidentally touching the surface of the plastic bottle.

It will lose transparency.

- Tourist destinations: Just riding the boat on the beautiful sea at a tourist destination and drifting on the water is sure to feel great.

・Just by purchasing, you can have an eco-friendly mindset

・Just by surfing, you can make yourself different from others

・You can also post on social media to show off the eco-friendliness and rarity of your product.

- Show off your surfboard made from 40 discarded plastic bottles to others and show them that you are an environmental activist.

透明サーフボード【Save The Surf】紹介動画

[Surfboard handling precautions]

Thank you for choosing our surfboards. To maintain the performance of your product over the long term, please adhere to the following care instructions:

Transparent PET Bottle Section:

The surfaces (both sides) are covered with a protective film used for car bodies, which is resistant to scratches that may occur from sand or gravel when riding to the beach. Minor scratches can melt and heal with heat, restoring transparency. However, please understand that severe scratches cannot be repaired, though the protective film can be reapplied.


The board is designed to prevent dents as much as possible. Please handle it carefully to avoid rough treatment as repairs are not possible.


The board is manufactured under vacuum conditions with functional air holes. Handle it carefully to prevent severe treatment; repairs are not possible.

Light Resistance:

Similar to regular PET bottles, exposure to direct sunlight can cause yellowing when left outdoors. Please store it out of direct sunlight to avoid this issue as repairs are not possible.

Fogging and Water Ingress:

Regularly check for fogging and water ingress. In cold conditions, immersing it in seawater may cause fogging if the external air is cold and the seawater is relatively warm. This may cause the internal air to warm up and condense into steam, leading to fogging, which should resolve once you leave the water. Fogging does not occur if the air and water temperatures are the same. If there is water ingress, it indicates a possible hole, which cannot be repaired. If fogging occurs without a hole, removing the air holes and allowing the internal heat to dissipate will clear up the fogging.

Auto-Vent Plug:

Be careful not to overtighten the plug, as it contains a rubber gasket that could be crushed, which would prevent air from escaping. The tightness should be just enough to prevent air leaks. Check that air can move in and out properly to maintain correct internal pressure. When traveling by plane, due to pressure changes, remove the plug and pack the board as luggage.

Transparent PET Bottle Stringer:

The stringer is designed using recycled PET to withstand stepping forces and contains two pieces inside. If this part is damaged, it will affect the strength of the surfboard. Handle with care to avoid rough treatment as repairs are not possible. Enjoy riding small waves about chest high.

PET Bottle Adhesive Frame (Rubber):

The material used is the same as the adhesive (sealing) rubber for car windshield frames, designed to prevent water ingress. If left outdoors, the rubber can deteriorate due to direct sunlight, so please store it out of direct sunlight. The rubber part is adhered to prevent peeling; it cannot be repaired if it comes off.

Transparent PET Bottle's Outer Frame (Polyurethane, PU):

If the PU outer frame is damaged, it can be repaired in the same manner as a regular surfboard. You can either repair it yourself or take it to the nearest surf shop. We also accept repairs, but it would need to be brought directly to our factory.

General Handling:

Please handle the surfboard with care, just as you would with a normal surfboard.

By following these care instructions, you can enjoy a wonderful surfing experience.

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